Ownerbuilder Association | What we do
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What we do


Our Nominated Providers provide you with a complete solution to build your home. which include the following services
  • Owner Builder & White Card Course

    AAA Training Specialist Provides Training in Owner Builder and White Card Courses. To qualify for a 10% Discount simply join Owner Builders Association as a member which is Absolutely Free

  • Planning & Designing Your Home

    Our team are dedicated to creating your dream home. We personal handpicked the very best professional tradesmen/companies in the building industry, to ensure they produce a high-quality finish to your home.

  • Building and Project management

    Our passionate and experienced team will meet with you at a timethat suits to discuss your goals, plans, requirements, dream and budget.

  • Inspections and certifying

    Design Build Inspect offers an innovative range of new home designs representing the very latest in design, style and value from one of Australia’s leading home builders.

  • Home Loan Approvals

    Owner builder construction loans are available from a few select lenders if you have equity in your land, savings, or a guarantor that’s willing to provide additional security for your mortgage

  • Property sales and strata management

    Complete peace and mind for strata managers looking for a complete cover.

  • 6- in -1 Insurance Package

    You Get Cover 1) Owner Builder 2) Personal Accident 3) Workers Compensation 4) Public Liability 5) Home & Contents 6) Home Warranty

  • Legal and Accounting Services of Industry news

    Financing the building of a new home it is very different to arranging finance to buy an existing one, so it is really important that you work with someone who understands all the complexities of building finance.

  • Tips & Techniques for Owner Builder

    We’ve been publishing the Building Guide for ten years and the Design Guide for the past five, so we’ve come across a couple of useful things in our time