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  AAA Training Specialist 
Provides Training in Owner Builder and White Card Courses. To qualify for a   10% Discount simply join Owner Builders Association as a member which is Absolutely Free 
  Design Build Inspect (Discounted prices on Tradesmen Suppliers and Inspectors)
Design and draft your building, Project manage the building process,Inspect and approve the building structure
  Home Loan Specialist (Competitive Rates)
Specialises in home loans providing risk management making it easier for Owner Builders to get approval
  Owner Builder Insurance Specialist (Savings on Insurances)
Have launched a six in one solution for Construction All Risk,Personal Accident, Workers Comp, Home & Contents,Home Warranty which includes inspection
  Property Sales Specialist Provider (Get the best deal for your Property)
Get the best price for your Real Estate and right advice when selling your property
  Legal Specialist Provider(Competitive Rates)
 Disputes managed Appropriately
 Conveyance and other Legal services
 Drawing up formal Contracts
 Legal Advice and Understanding legislation
  Accounting Specialist Provider (Discounted Fees)
 Financial Planning
 Accounting Services
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